June 21-27 Activity Log

I hope this is allowed. If not I'll delete. In an effort to be accountable, I'm going to post(comment) here on any exercise I do this week.

Please feel free to join me. Have a great week!

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I have decided that I will become more active to help rid my insomnia ha!.

Has anyone had these problems with sleep?
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Now that Thanksgiving is over, who all is trying to lose weight again?

I know that I am!
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Shape's 2nd Annual Best Snack Awards.

1. Quaker Chewy Dark Chocolate Cherry 90 Calorie Granola Bars
(90 Calories, 2g Fat per Bar)
Whole-grain oats and wheat make this bar a heart-smart choice, but it was the combination of fruit and candy flavors that won over testers' taste buds. One said: "It's the next best thing to a chocolate-covered cherry." ($3 for a box of 10)

2. Hostess 100 Calorie Packs Cinnamon Streusel Muffins
(100 Calories, 3g Fat for 3 Cakes)
You'll save a whopping 31 grams of sugar and 15 grams of fat by selecting these bitesize treats over the coffeehouse version, but you'll still get that crumbly cinnamon-spiced top—not to mention 5 grams of fiber per three-pack. ($4 for 6 packs of 3)

3. Starbucks Skinny Mocha
(90 Calories, 0g Fat for 12 oz.)
This espresso beverage has about half the calories of the original but still meets 30 percent of your daily calcium needs. "The flavor is like a creamy cross between coffee and hot cocoa," said one tester. "I'll definitely be drinking the iced version this summer!" ($3 for a tall cup)

4. Reese's Peanut Butter Snacksters
(100 Calories, 4g Fat per Pack)
Need a serious hit of PB minus the J? This goodie grab bag filled with peanut butter chips, cereal puffs, and Reese's Pieces makes short work of cravings. One comment: "For peanut butter addicts like me, this mix totally hits the spot." ($3 for a box of 7)

5. Pepperidge Farm Montieri Raspberry Tart Cookies
(120 Calories, 3g Fat for 2 Cookies)
Made with a layer of real fruit and a flaky pastry lattice top, "this cookie reminds me of a fresh-baked pie, in miniature!" one taster claimed. Plus, the treat contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, just like Grandma used to make. ($3 for a bag of 12)

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I hope all of you are doing well on your fitness journey!

I just have a few announcements about the community:
- We now have a Member of the Month section!
- The profile & entries pages are looking a lot prettier. ([community profile] active)
- I have a couple of tips I'm going to be posting over the next few days.

Keep it up!
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15 lbs lost, 15 lbs left!

It feels great. I just wanted to share that with you all.
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Hi! I'd like a bit of a discussion post.

Does anyone else have a weight loss journal?

I feel like it helps me keep motivation when I need it the most.
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I've been reading this great book on how your different body types can effect how you lose weight.

Have you ever wondered how your friend can eat all the meat she wants & not gain a pound? Have you ever wondered why you crave bread sticks & sweets while on a diet but your best friend craves dairy products? Have you ever wondered why you gain all of your weight in your stomach but your friend gains it everywhere?

Well, I was kind of wondering the same things. So I picked up this amazing book that tells me what body type I have, what meals I should eat, a meal plan, an exercise plan, a recipe section, & a lot more. I've lost 2 lbs in the past week that I haven't been able to do in the past 6 months.

It's called Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan. It may look 80's by the cover, my step-grandmother actually gave it to me, but it's a good read.
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I just joined fitsugar.com.

Here is my review. )

You can add me on fitsugar here: click!
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I'm curious- do any of you other members have a SparkPeople account?


I've been using SparkPeople for a few years now, actually, and when I'm doing well, it's thanks to this site. There's a lot of other people on there who are friendly and encouraging, and I was just wondering if anyone in the community was a member. (My username is purpleparadox over there as well.)